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How to Get Geppo with 1SS: Mastering the Art of Movement in One Piece


In the world of One Piece, the power of the devil fruit is a formidable weapon that can grant its user incredible abilities. One such ability is the Geppo, which allows the user to defy gravity and essentially fly. Geppo is a technique used by the Navy’s Rokushiki, as well as other characters in the series. In this article, we will explore how to get Geppo with 1SS, and master the art of movement in One Piece.

Understanding Geppo

Before we dive into how to acquire Geppo with 1SS, it’s important to understand what Geppo is and how it works. Geppo is a Rokushiki technique that enables the user to jump or run on air, giving the impression of flying. It allows the user to move freely in the air and change direction quickly, making it an incredibly useful technique for combat and evasion.

Geppo works by creating a thin layer of air under the user’s feet, which allows them to leap or run through the air as if they were on solid ground. This technique requires a high level of control and mastery over one’s body, as the user must constantly adjust their movements and balance to stay afloat.

Acquiring Geppo with 1SS

To acquire Geppo with 1SS, you must first understand the fundamentals of Rokushiki. Rokushiki is a martial art that involves six different techniques, including Geppo. To use Rokushiki techniques, you must have a high level of physical fitness, agility, and control over your body.

  1. Develop your physical fitness: Before you can master Geppo, you must first develop your physical fitness. This involves building strength and endurance through regular exercise and training. Focus on exercises that strengthen your legs and core, such as squats, lunges, and planks. You should also incorporate cardio into your training, such as running or jumping rope, to improve your endurance.
  2. Master Soru: Soru is another Rokushiki technique that involves moving at incredible speeds. Mastering Soru is crucial to mastering Geppo, as it requires a similar level of control and balance. Practice Soru by sprinting short distances at high speeds, gradually increasing the distance and speed as you improve.
  3. Practice jumping and landing: To master Geppo, you must be able to jump and land with precision and control. Practice jumping and landing on different surfaces, such as a trampoline or a balance beam. This will help you develop the balance and control necessary for Geppo.
  4. Practice Geppo: Once you have developed your physical fitness, mastered Soru, and practiced jumping and landing, you can begin practicing Geppo. Start by jumping and attempting to stay in the air for as long as possible. Focus on maintaining your balance and adjusting your movements to stay afloat. As you improve, you can begin practicing changing direction and moving in different patterns.

Tips for Mastering Geppo

  1. Control your breathing: Breathing is crucial to maintaining control and balance when using Geppo. Focus on taking deep, steady breaths and exhaling slowly as you move through the air.
  2. Keep your body relaxed: Tension in your body can throw off your balance and make it difficult to control your movements. Keep your body relaxed and focus on maintaining a fluid, controlled motion.
  3. Practice, practice, practice: Mastery of Geppo requires a lot of practice and patience. Keep practicing regularly and focus on improving your technique and control with each attempt.

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