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A Girl Who Seems Like a Yandere But Isn’t: Understanding the Misconceptions



Yandere is a term used in anime and manga to describe a character who is deeply in love with someone to the point of obsession and will go to extreme lengths to protect and possess them, including acts of violence. However, sometimes a character may seem like a yandere but isn’t. In this article, we will explore the misconceptions surrounding such characters and what sets them apart from true yanderes.

What is a Yandere?

  • Definition of yandere
  • Traits of a yandere
  • Examples of yandere characters in anime and manga

The Misconception: Confusing Obsession with Love

  • The difference between love and obsession
  • How a character can seem like a a girl who seems like a yandere but isnt yandere without actually being one
  • Examples of characters who seem like yanderes but aren’t And dreadzone trades club april 2023

Misconception 1: Overly Protective

  • Why being overly protective doesn’t necessarily make a character a yandere
  • Examples of characters who are overly protective but not yanderes

Misconception 2: Jealousy

  • Why jealousy alone doesn’t make a character a yandere
  • Examples of characters who are jealous but not yanderes

Misconception 3: Stalking

  • Why stalking alone doesn’t make a character a yandere
  • Examples of characters who stalk but aren’t yanderes

The Difference: Selflessness vs. Selfishness

  • How a true yandere’s actions differ from those of a character who seems like one
  • The importance of understanding a character’s motivations

Selflessness: A Yandere’s Love

  • How a true yandere’s actions are motivated by love
  • Examples of yanderes who act selflessly

Selfishness: A False Yandere’s Obsession

  • How a character who seems like a yandere is motivated by obsession
  • Examples of characters who are obsessed but not yanderes


In conclusion, a character who seems like a yandere but isn’t can be a source of confusion for viewers. It’s important to understand the traits that differentiate a true yandere from a character who only appears to be one. While obsession, jealousy, and stalking are common traits associated with yanderes, it’s the selfless motivation behind a true yandere’s actions that sets them apart. By understanding these differences, we can appreciate the complexity of these characters and the stories they inhabit.


  1. What is the origin of the term “yandere”?
  • The term “yandere” is a combination of the Japanese words “yanderu,” meaning mentally ill, and “dere,” meaning lovestruck. It was first coined in the late 1990s to describe a character type in visual novels.
  1. Can a yandere be a hero or a protagonist in a story?
  • While yanderes are often portrayed as villains or antagonists, they can also be protagonists or heroes, depending on the story’s perspective.
  1. Are there any real-life yanderes?
  • The term “yandere” is a fictional character type in anime and manga and does not exist in real life. However, there have been real-life cases of individuals who exhibit traits of obsession and violence towards someone they are in love with.

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